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Ad Astra Academy is a program created and taught by experienced local developers. It is produced in conjunction with BETA at Butler Community College. Learning to develop for the web in Wichita is within reach.

About Ad Astra

The goal is to teach you how to program in a short timeframe without skipping the most important skill in development: learning how to ask questions and find answers.

The program consists of five basic workshops, and three four-week courses that build on each other. Starting with basic HTML and CSS, then completing with full-stack Ruby on Rails development, this program can turn someone who can write a blog post into someone who can develop a web application.

Each workshop and course is stand-alone, and anyone can attend any individual course. The workshops do not require any prerequisite, however the four-week courses each have some basic programming knowledge prerequisites. If there is a course you are interested in please register with no obligation and you will be contacted to assess if the course is a good fit.

Those who complete course number three will have an opportunity to show off their projects at a demo day.

About the Program

Who is this program for?

Anyone, at any skill level, will have a spot that is right to join. The purpose of the program is to train individuals looking to learn how to program for employment or enjoyment.

What is the cost of the program?

Workshops cost $85 individually or $340 for the all five classes

Courses are $665 for each four week session. You may qualify for assistance through Workforce Centers of South Central Kansas.

How are the Workshops formatted?

Each workshop lasts four hours. The workshops are held in the Mac Lab at Exploration Place, and hardware and software are provided for each student. It is recommended that students bring a USB drive to store their work. The Workshops will cover a good deal, but for full knowledge of the topic, students will need to work on their own after class.

How are the Courses formatted?

Each course meets two days each week for two hours. A good portion of the course will be work on your own time. You will have access to virtual coaching throughout the week. The Courses are intense programs with a tremendous amount of learning and covering a large array of topics very quickly. You should expect four to six hours of work outside of class each week. Classes are held at The Labor Party.

Is there any additional support?

Each student will receive access to an online communication tool, with both teachers and other experienced developers there to help.

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